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BOSS & CO can claim to be the oldest established gunmakers in the U.K. dating back to 1773 when Wm BOSS began his gunmaking apprenticeship in Birmingham before moving to London to work for Joseph Manton & his son - Thomas BOSS ( 1790-1857 ) followed in his fathers footsteps also serving his apprenticeship under Manton.

Thomas BOSS set up business at the prestigious address of 73 St James’s Street which became synonymous with BOSS & CO in the 19 th Century. The business was taken over by John Robertson in 1891 & added to the reputation of BOSS & CO by inventing the famous BOSS single trigger in 1894, the BOSS ejector in 1898, & the light handsome over & under in 1909, all still very much in production to-day.

BOSS Have only ever made best guns which are built to an exceptional standard & consequently they have never claimed to be inexpensive.

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Should you wish to sell your gun (single or pair) on this site please contact Joe Hall at Matched Pairs. The transaction will be treated in the strictest confidence at all times. 
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