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HARRIS HOLLAND a tobacconist started the selling of guns & accessories during the 1840’s& who in 1876 took his nephew Henry William holland into partnership to create HOLLAND & HOLLAND.

Henry HOLLAND had incredible talents combining business acumen with inventive genius. He expanded HOLLAND & HOLLAND in the late 19 th Century to probably the biggest gun business in London. He took out a total of 47 patents which was an incredible tally & achievement bearing in mind the enduring nature of innovations such as the Royal, the HOLLAND ejector, the HOLLAND single trigger, the belted rimless case, the HOLLAND self opening mechanism, & the incredible development of rifle cartridges. ( See the excellent book by Donald Dallas HOLLAND & HOLLAND the Royal gunmaker ).

In 1989 the business was taken over by Chanel the French perfumier who reintroduced the Royal Over and Under in both 12 and 20 bore, followed shortly after by the Sporting O/U designed originally as a clay shooters gun. HOLLAND & HOLLAND continue to make the finest shotguns & rifles in many gauges & calibres .

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