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STEPHEN GRANT worked for Thomas BOSS & was a partner for 10 years before starting on his own in St James’s Street in 1867.GRANT was a cautious man & the quality & reliability of his sidelocks was recognised by the award of a number of warrants from Queen Victoria.

STEPHEN GRANT & SONS became an acquisitive firm first with JOSEPH LANG & SON Ltd, then CHARLES LANCASTER, followed by WATSON BROS, FREDERICK BEESLEY, & finally ATKIN in 1960.

The firm now know as ATKIN GRANT & LANG continues to make quality sidelocks.

William Evans worked for Purdeys & then spent 12 years with Holland & Holland before setting upon his own in 1883.

By the early 1900's Evans had an impressive range of guns for sale his London finished boxlocks selling for £47 his sidelock at only£3 more!
By the 1920's Evans were firmly established offering the option of their own patent single trigger.

They moved to St James before the second World War.

William Rochester PAPE of Newcastle upon Tyne started his business in 1857 & in the following years wins The Field Trials 1858, 1859, & 1866. In 1859 PAPE organises the first dog show in Great Britain & the prizes are PAPE shotguns.

IN 18666 PAPE patents a single bite snap action which contains the earliest known description of choke borings & is widely recognised as the inventor of choke boring shotguns, winning a prize of ten guineas in 1875 in a competition organised by the Field newspaper.

PAPE died in 1923 following a road accident & the business ceased in 1940.

William Greener started his business in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1829 moving to Birmingham in 1844 where many of the raw materials & specialised skills were available. He was an authoritative writer of repute & made his money in the early days selling plainer weapons overseas & making harpoons.

The business was revived in 1985 by Graham Greener David Dryhurst & others & continues to flourish making best quality guns & doubled barreled rifles . A new sidelock starts at £45,000.

T.E.MORTIMER of Edinburgh
A well known Scottish gunmaker who were acquired by John Dickson & Son in 1938 & continued making guns until 1946.

Known for their high quality fishing tackle this American company imported from Spain some good quality boxlocks to finish themselves.

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