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Matched Pairs is a unique, worldwide service, specialising in the ‘Best’ English & Scottish sporting guns.

The uniqueness of our service lies in the matching of separated pairs or trios of guns. Our one-off database has allowed us to reunite pairs as far afield as Britain and Australia, as well as New Zealand and the USA.

Although, as our name suggests, we work to reunite ‘Matched Pairs’ our database of collectors and enthusiasts provides a fantastic platform for the sale of single and paired ‘Best’ guns. With regular subscribers and visitors from around the world that share a passion for fine guns, our platform is a community of motivated buyers and engaged viewers.

Whether buying, selling, or simply seeking a valuation of your shotgun, we will assist you throughout the entire process with a personal, confidential, and tailored approach to suit you and your guns.

Our fee structure is clear and simple and allows you, the seller, to avoid the fees & risks attached to auctions and other none specialist sites.

From sidelocks to hammer guns we are used to handling guns from the leading Gun Makers, including but not limited to, James Purdey & Sons, Boss & Co, Holland & Holland, James Woodward & Sons, Grant, Lang, Lancaster, John Dickson & Son, and W. M. Evans.

Matched Pairs has always been personally managed by Joe Hall whose experience in sporting shotguns stretches back for more than a half of a century. As the company moves forward and Joe eases into retirement, his stewardship and mentorship in the company will still play a key role in ensuring the continuity of service our customers expect.


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